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our elections explained concisely!

Every two years the ÖH-elections take place. All students - even those, who are taking a semester abroad at an austrian university - are eligible to vote. 


You elect the people who will represent you in the coming two years in regards to your major. There's three levels:


1. governmental representation: this plane will represent you in the entirety of austria. The governmental representation watches out to keep new laws and policies student-friendly. They also offer a selection of social options and services.

2. inter-universital representation: this plane works directly with the technical university of graz. The main focus here lays on dealing with lecturers and the university's rectorate. The inter-universital representation also offer direct consultation, individual representation and other services to imrpove your everyday life as a student.

3. student council: Your respective student's council is directly responsible for their own major. They assist you with questions about individual classes, mediate between lecturers and students and are your first go-to for anything regarding your major.


Representation works better, the more students join in!

election dates 2021

tuesday 18.052021



wednesday 19.05.2021



thursday 20.05.2021


TU election info

The TU will publish the info in due time before the election.


The link will be set after the info has been published.