Dates and deadlines

Here you'll find the most important dates and deadlines for the upcoming election:


Event First possible date Last possible date
Deadline of the registered continuation period    23.03.2023
Sighting of the voters list 30.03.2023 04.04.2023
Protest against the voters list 30.03.2023 04.04.2023
Filing a list 21.03.2023 04.04.2023
Handing in your student's council candidacy 21.03.2023 13.04.2023
Withdraw a list   11.04.2023
Withdraw your student's council candidacy   18.04.2023
Writing the election paper   18.04.2023
Publication of candidacies   18.04.2023
Publication of the election times and spots   25.04.2023
Applying for a ballot paper 22.03.2023 02.05.2023
Reveiving a ballot paper   10.05.2023
Publication of the election results 11.05.2023 18.05.2023
Notifying the elected 11.05.2023 18.05.2023
Protest against the election results

2 weeka after the

Publication of the

election results

Legal basis

Deadlines are set in the election date decree by the federal minister.

Electronic sighting in the voters archive

A sighting is possible both digitally and analogue at our office.