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Proceedings of candidacy

Student council

The student council is composed of individually elected members.

To run for a mandate at the student council you'll need to have fulfilled the legal requirements in the period of  the 30.03.2021 till the 22.04.2021 as well as have handed in your candidacy at the permanent election commitee.The attachment 6 of the HSWO is to be used.

University representation

As this election is a group election, meaning a list of people is elected instead of one individual, mandates will be distributed through the list according to the election results.

To create a new list you'll need declarations of support or the agreement of the mandatees as well as the authorised agent. You'll find all details in the HSWO 2014.


Permanent election commitee at the TU Graz.

Legal basis
support for filing

You'll find filing support here.

Informations regarding digital signing are found here.