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Election dates

Attention! the opening dates of the booths aren't clear yet!

The ÖH elections take place over a period of three days:

Tuesday, 18.05.2021
09.00 - 18:00 

Wednesday, 19.05.2021
09.00 - 18:00 

Thursday, 20.05.2021
09.00 - 15:00 Uhr

During these time periods you may pass your vote at a booth.

Voting booths at the TU Graz

There are multiple votin booths at the various campus sites of the TU Graz. You may vote at any of those regardless of your specific study.

If your major is education or you're doing a cooperative major you can also vote at a different academy. Further information for voting as an educational major is found here.

Voting booths are not yet selected.