Job Profile of a Chemical And Process Engineer

Currently approx. the half of the whole revenue in industry production is being yielded by the methods of Chemical and Process Engineering expecting an even higher proportion. Graduates of Chemical and Process Engineering have the choice within many opportunities for often well-paid key job positions. Thanks to a very well and profound education, Chemical and Process Engineers have a great technical background and are in the near future of each student proven to take over a variety of functions e.g.

  •  Research and Development of Processes and Products
  •  Facility design, construction and commissioning
  •  Optimisation of existing facilities and processes
  •  Adaptation of basic operations in new applications
  •  Expert actions and duties
  •  Education and Purchase
  •  and so on…

The multidisciplined education is a key advantage for Chemical and Process Engineers resulting in being a precious asset to enterprises in every branch.

Some important industry branches are:

  •  Environment Preservation and Recycling
  •  Machine- and facility Construction
  •  Pulp and Paper Industry
  •  Pharmaceutical Industry
  •  Oil & Gas Industry
  •  Chemical Industry
  •  Nutrition Industry
  •  Construction Materials Industry
  •  Metallurgical
  •  Energy Sector
  •  Engineering offices
  •  Authorities and Surveillance Organ
source: our old website