Duties of the Student’s Represention

We are the official representatives for students of the study branches Chemical and Process Engineering, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, as well as Biorefinery Engineering.
Here are some examples of your duties and services:  

Study Commission  – the Study commission is responsible for the maintenance of the respective curricula of the bachelor and master studies. In these spheres, we have direct influence upon and are able to change it on demand. 

Appeal’s Committee  – The Appeal’s Committee is formed for the inauguration process of a (succeeding) professor for occupation of a position.

Habilitation Committee  – With a habilitation someone has the allowance to conduct lectures for a certain scientific subject. The habilitation Committee does decide upon the qualifications of the applicants.

Pole Position for Aid for Students in Trouble – If questions arise concerning problems with exams, the teaching staff and organizational hurdles in the daily life of being a student , everyone is always welcome to state them.  

Organisation of the First Semester Tutorial – For the easement of newcomers to our studies, important information for a successful start into the uni-life is being provided. The tutors organise as well various events for getting to know other students.

Conciliation for School’s Graduates – We provide information for people in interest in studying Chemical Engineering or other fields of studies.

Moderation between the Lecturers and Students – For the findings of solutions or for the general exchange of information a very thoughtful base of exchange between students and the lecturers is provided.

Organisation of Events for Students –  Spanning from visits to bars, Master’s Degree Study information evenings to Spa-visits as well as various Beverage booths: We organise these events for informative and social exchange.