The Process Engineering Student Council consists of three elected representatives and a large team of volunteer members.

The current council of StV VT since WS2023

All further members of the StV VT

The chairmanship team from 2021 to 2023

[Translate to EN:] Alexandra Hutter
[Translate to EN:] Andreas Schwarz
[Translate to EN:] Christian Rüschitz
[Translate to EN:] Lara Schönbacher
[Translate to EN:] Lorenz Koch
[Translate to EN:] Peter Holzmann
[Translate to EN:] Roman Hofer

The chairmanship team from 2019 to 2021

[Translate to EN:] Sebastian Dohr
[Translate to EN:] Martin Genshofer
[Translate to EN:] Maximilian Hübner
[Translate to EN:] Alexandra Hutter
[Translate to EN:] Marlene Kaser

The chairmanship team from 2017 to 2019

[Translate to EN:] Lukas Lohninger
[Translate to EN:] Leni Steiner
[Translate to EN:] Clemens Groß
[Translate to EN:] Martin Fruhwirth
[Translate to EN:] Dominik Wickenhauser
[Translate to EN:] Kristian Gavric
[Translate to EN:] Theodora Theurl