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Topic: Dynamic mechanical analysis of the human dura mater

Project aim:
Human dura mater samples will be obtained from 10 donors. Utilizing a high-end Anton-Paar
rheometer coupled to a linear drive, thermomechanical analysis, creep, creep-recovery and
relaxation tests under precisely defined temperature and humidity conditions will be performed.
Intrinsic material parameters will be obtained, shedding light on the complex mechanical
behavior of the dura mater.




Topic: A comparison of 3D surface scanning and digital volume rendering
techniques for creating bone reconstructions in osteology teaching: (B)
Shoulder girdle and upper extremity

Project aim:
This experimental study aims at comparing 3D models derived from computed tomography (CT)
based digital volume rendering (DVR) of human bone to 3D scans of the same specimens. The
following hypotheses will be investigated: (1) 3D scans provide superior detail as compared to
CT-DVR. Methods: Bone samples will be digitalized using CT and 3D scanning technology. Based
on these methods, 3D models will be generated. The resulting models will be transformed into
manipulable mesh models. Qualitative assessment on model quality, usability and detail will be
conducted for the following cohorts: novices (first year students), experienced students (student
demonstrators), experts (licensed anatomists and radiologists). Outcomes: The results of this
study will help assess the usability of 3D models for osteology teaching.




Topic: The influence of fixation techniques on the biomechanical behaviour of soft tissues – A literature review
Project aim:
Therefore, this thesis will provide a thorough overview over the relevant literature concerning the
impact of fixation techniques on the biomechanical properties of soft tissues published in the
recent years. We will jointly discuss a strategy on how to conduct a relevant and scientifically
sound literature review. Milestones will be set and regular meetings scheduled to ensure maximal
support. Outcome: The results of this literature review will provide a solid overview over the
current knowledge on how fixation influences the biomechanical properties of soft tissues.
Knowledge gaps will be discovered and new research possibilities revealed.




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