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Curricula and Doctoral Schools

What are the study plans for the doctoral program?

In principle, there is only one curriculum for the doctoral studies at TU Graz, which is valid for all. However, there is the doctoral program in technical sciences (Dr. techn.) as well as the doctoral program in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.). However, both curricula are word-identical except for the title with which one graduates.

Which curriculum is currently valid for the doctoral program?

You can find the current curricula in TUGrazOnline under Study Program > Doctoral Studies or on our link list. Which curriculum you are currently subject to can also be found here.

What are Doctoral Schools?

Each PhD is assigned to a Doctoral School according to its research and task area. While the same curriculum applies to all PhDs at TU, each doctoral school has its own statutes. These may contain additional regulations, for example, regarding the doctoral school's own courses or publication practice. You can find the available doctoral schools on the TU website or on our link list.