Sophie Wanko
(c)Michelle Hartinger


I am Sophie, advisor concerning the topics queer, women and equality at the Medical University of Graz and I originally am from the thermal region in Lower Austria. Before I started my studies in Graz, I studied Dutch Studies in Vienna for a year. In addition to my studies, I work as a surgical assistant and work on the Murinsel Graz. Already in my childhood I was always drawn abroad, which is why I speak 5 foreign languages at different levels and like to visit my friends all over the world. As part of my studies, I am always on the road at international congresses and training courses. I prefer to spend my time with friends and family, which I unfortunately often miss out on during medical school. In my department, I am mainly concerned with education about LGBTIAQ, women's and gender equality law as well as gender medicine. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Christina Egger
(c)Michelle Hartinger


Hi, I'm Christina, queer advisor of the ÖH Uni-Graz, and I am from the beautiful southern Styria. In addition to my studies, I work at the Institute of English Studies as a student assistant. I grew up with three older sisters, a dog and buried in the middle of books. I prefer to spend my time with friends or discover new places, often internationally. I have already lived abroad three times for a longer period of time and there I learned to be independent and open to new things. I am known for my extraordinary sport, American football, and my infinite patience. I like to give people a sense of security by giving them my time and attention and standing by their side in difficult times. I am happy to answer your questions about queer topics, the queer departments of the other universities and am always available to you about any concerns.

Peter Beck
(c)Michelle Hartinger


I am Peter, the queer advisor of the öh joanneum at FH JOANNEUM. In addition to studying information design, I have been working in a small advertising agency in southern Styria for many years. In 2012, I was looking for new tasks and the opportunity to support the queer community. That's how I started to implement LGBITQ+ projects on a voluntary basis at the RosaLila PantherInnen association.  With the beginning of my studies, it was only logical to continue this activity for the interests of students. So now I organize lectures, and PubQuizzes for our students and support the networking between different queer organizations.

(c)Kim Wallgram


Hey, I'm Bernie! I'm studying USW NAWI-Tech and I'm the queer advisor at HTU Graz. Originally, I come from a place near Vienna, but now I feel more at home in Graz. In addition, I work in a green tech & finance start-up in Sales & Marketing and am active in the European Youth Parliament Austria. As a hobby, like many things in my life, I do (almost) everything, but I prefer to snowboard in winter and longboard in summer. Together with the other departments, I would like to support the queer community and ensure a stronger representation. Feel free to contact me with any concerns :)

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