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Postal vote

Should you be unable to attend the TU Graz during the election day, you may instead apply for a ballot paper and vote postally.

While applying for a ballot paper you need to prove your identity either via uploading a copy of your ID or via "Bürgerkarte" (if you don't know this word you don't have one, don't worry)/mobile signature. The last two options are only available for austrian citizens. Do note that uploading a copy of your ID requires the election commitee to approve it, which could lead do a delay of a few days in the sending of your ballot paper. As additional measure of security you'll receive an email with a confirmation link along to the email address set at your academy. Therefore we ask you to regularly check that mail address after applying for a ballot paper.

It is legally set that you can only elect inter-governmental and university representation via ballot paper. You cannot elect a student council via ballot paper!

You can apply for a ballot paper from the 22.03.2023 up until the 02.05.2023.

These ballot papers can be sent out starting with the 25.04.2023, as that's the earliest date with certainty of who will be participating in the election and hence there's no way to print ballot papers beforehand. Should you apply in march or april you should therefore consider you'll have to wait for a while until you get your ballot paper!

Please consider that your voting ballot needs to reach the election commitee before the 10.05.2023 to be considered valid. You can also have your ballot paper delivered to outside Austria. With this voting ballot you may only elect your inter-governmental and inter-universital representation. If you have already applied for a ballot paper but want to vote in person, you must take along the ballot paper to the voting booth. Please carry with you all of the completed documents for voting via ballot paper, otherwise you won't be eligible to vote.

Please consider, that you can't elect the student council, if you want to vote in person after sending in your ballot paper.

Period for applying for a ballot paper

You may apply for a ballot paper starting with the 22nd of march up until the 2nd of may.

Ballot paper request

You may apply for a ballot paper here.